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4D ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) represents the ultimate resolution or Level of Detail to a comprehensive GCOP (Ground Common Operations Picture) visualization dataset to provide Situational Awareness (SA) within operations and emergency management centres. The sensitivity of the data normally requires internal secure hosting, with external data sources such as Google Earth Pro and Geographic Information System (GIS) be linked, rather than data to be published onto an open source domain. This solution is best defined as the benefits gained by merging real-time and constructive simulation datasets on top of 3D model GIS data supported by CCTV, Project Lifecycle Management, Situational Awareness, Incident Management and other ERP solutions to form a truly unique and practical 4D Enterprise Risk Management Solution.

This 4D ERM Solution was created and evolved through our 3D/4D Methodology and Toolset we used every day on our visualisation and drawing services. This was complimented by our Digital Elevation Model (DEM) products created from LIDAR Point Cloud Data within the mining sector. It gained further applications when we applied PLM (Project Lifecycle Management) to this evolving approach. We were fortunate that we had extensive experience in Crisis and Incident Management, which is not common within a 3D environment. It was during 2008, when we consulted the biggest international insurance group on incident management, that we realised that were had all the building blocks to formulate a novel and unique approach, from a 3D model perspective to offer the next generation solution within the Enterprise Risk Management Sector.

The foundation and departure point of this solution thus becomes an organisation’s 3D/4D model database as the unifying logical entry point to multiple information systems, and it enables an unsurpassed in-context view of such, and sometimes abstract information, when studied in isolation. The following information systems can be integrated into this solution:

  • BIM (Building Information Modelling)(Parametric Data)
  • Building Management Systems
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)
  • CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management)
  • Asset Management ( Fixed, Mobile, Personnel)
  • Incident & Crisis Management
  • Training, Method Statements, Induction Data
  • Constructive Simulation, Reactive & Outcome Simulation
  • Environmental, Smoke, Fire, and Egress Analysis & Simulation
  • Blast Fragmentation Analysis & Simulation
  • Insurance, Financial, and Cost Centre Management
  • Any IP protocol integration, including CCTV applications
  • Open source real-time data
  • GPS, GPRS, Tactical GPS and RFID integration

The nature and applications of this solution naturally requires an Enterprise size implementation, mostly suitable to Blue Chips and governments. Most telemetry systems and off-the-shelf ERP management systems can be integrated via a MS SQL database and ASP.NET interface into our 3D/4D model database. The scope of our services in this offering includes the following:
  • Full environmental and parametric engineering 3D modelling and integration
  • MS SQL DB Development
  • MS ASP.NET Interface Development
  • 4D Simulation integration onto the 3D model database
  • Systems integration as mentioned above