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Objective consulting is pivotal to the success of any project we at Monolith Media choose to become involved with.

We have been developing solutions on the Microsoft platform since 1997 with years of experience within this environment. Most of our software development revolves around MS .NET web-based technologies, which is integrated into MS SQL database structures.

We have also been involved extensively with Java and J2EE solution development and can assist any organisation in the micromanagement and development of internal projects. We have gained the reputation that we get the job done without the fuss, on time and within budget.

We analyse the client's business need and linking it with the right technology. We aim to increase our client's profits through increasing revenue and reducing cost, this we do by offering stability within us as a company, the solution, platform and after sales service.


E|Box is developed by Monolith Media as a collection of specialist solution modules that address specific business needs. The E|Box modules capitalise on the need for companies to migrate to E-business or alter their solutions, with minimum risk and capital expenditure. It is designed to address E-business communication for business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets. It is a comprehensive, robust and scalable E-Business software solution aimed at high volume order processing, content management and streamlining communication within an organisation. The E|Box modules will enable companies to compile and publish their web-based solutions effortlessly, assisted by the integrated business rules and procedures. These modules can be supplied as an ASP solution or as a self-hosted implementation. These modules consist of the following:

The Catalogue Module consists of the combined functionality of the Set-up Wizard, Administration and Management Tools and the Web Store front. The front-end maintenance is achieved through the restricted assess Administration interface.
The Catalogue Module assists the merchant with the creation and maintenance of viable information taxonomy. This is established through the organization of information into well-ordered categories, subcategories and, in the case of e-catalogue's, product families.

The Procurement Module focuses on streamlining and optimising the total procurement process from the placement of tenders or request for quotes, to the payment of invoices issued by suppliers. Online procurement can have significant time and cost reduction for businesses, while managing the total process with fewer personnel. The procurement module facilitates the purchase of front office supplies and consumables, products and components, services and consultation and direct materials.

The Recruitment Module is a web based recruitment portal with back-end recruitment managing and administration capabilities. It is suitable for rationalised portals, cross spanning different recruitment companies and/or large recruitment companies that wish to update their current solution and/or employer’s internal human resources departments.

The content management module focuses on the complete process of document creation, indexing, accessibility, content publishing to the web and the workflow thereof.
The content management module allows for the format of the content within a word processing environment, followed with publishing targets for release to internal and or external web sites. This may result in the published content only to be available for select target groups.
The content management module automatically posts released information at the selected date and time to the specified targets, as set-up according the requirement analysis and workflow studies conducted with the client.

This module focuses on all internal communication within a business and aims to enable companies to operate within a true paperless environment. This is achieved by the creation of a comprehensive internal information and communication portal. All other E|Box modules can be integrated with this module into a complete seamless solution. The Intranet Module forms the portal through which the different work groups can access all specialist administration interfaces.
Ideally the front-end of this module is integrated as the default window within the corporate Internet browser.

The Equipment Maintenance Module is a Web-based solution for anyone burdened with the maintenance of all types of equipment. EM covers all the processes involved in maintaining your equipment, starting with an inventory, inventory and replacement control, testing control, combined with various orders (e.g. replacement orders) and reports.
EM was designed to automate the maintenance of equipment and is equipped with an easy to use administration interface, enabling a user with the minimum skill level to populate and manipulate your inventory.

We have a success track record of major back-end e-business implementations with clients including SAP, Daimler Chrysler, Sasol, Denel, Nedcor, etc

If you have a need for bespoke software development, please contact us to arrange a meeting with our consultants, who will then assess your requirements and determine how we can help.