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Our 3D Methodology & Toolset, which incorporates Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Design for Affordability (DA), Building Information Management (BIM), and Building Performance Analysis (BPA) software management solutions, can assist property owners and developers to improve their understanding of how building projects are designed, built, operated and maintained, by gaining effective control, reducing risk and Total Capital Cost (TCC) of projects.

The changing economic climate demands reduced maintenance overheads and prolonged operational life spans. Key to this is a disciplined “top down” systems approach during design phase. Marginal restructured spending during design phase results in meeting set objectives, subsequently reducing cost during the construction phase. The operation and maintenance phases further benefit as a result of enhanced understanding of system-specific knowledge through access to leading maintenance 3D/database integrated toolsets. Many enterprise-size clients have multiple facilities and it is nearly impossible to effectively communicate service, operational and risk issues without a leading edge 3D/database integrated solution such as the toolsets that we develop.

Our services can be encapsulated by the following abovementioned thumbnail images: 3D vizualisation, then CFD & FEA, then E-Specs documentation, then Navisworks 3D collaboration, time lining, & clash detection. Lastly, CA FM Explorer for FM. We can integrate with any FM solution, e.g. SAP, Oracle, etc, of a client’s choice or operational system which is currently in use.

Integrated process built on coordinated, reliable information about a project from design through construction, operation until retirement. Monolith has been involved with a number of projects linking database applications with 3D project revision models as an integral design tool. The key benefits are:
  • Manage teams and co-ordinate projects effectively
  • Create coordinated, digital design information and documentation
  • Predict performance, appearance and cost
  • Deliver projects faster, increased quality, more economically and reduced environmental impact.
  • Multi disciplinary combined design reviews in a single virtual model
  • Clash detective & revision
  • Effectively simulate 4D construction schedule with assets linked to integrated database
  • Find and fix design faults before they become problems
Applications of 3D visualization
  • Project Conceptualisation
  • Design Collaboration & Optimization
  • Marketing
  • Legal Dispute Resolution
  • Health & Safety and Facilities Management
  • Security & Training