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The service offering from Monolith is based on a Project Lifecycle Management (PLM) approach as a departure point. Key to this understanding is our ability to visualise “back of the napkin” process flow scribblings and present that to prospective Clients in record time. This results in Client buy-in and enthusiasm to commit to projects at a greater rate than other conventional approaches. Another benefit of this is that we reduce design iterations to as low as two in the Conceptual Phase. This is often achieved by interactive modelling in our Clients’ boardrooms, where we tie-up all inputs and design philosophies in executive joint design sessions.

Conceptual 3D visualisation is key to our Client engagement process. All parties are much better informed of what is expected and what is involved to achieve project success. Design intent and the broad direction are thus well understood.

Supporting our visualisation services are our 3D Draughting services, where we generate all our feasibility, detailing and manufacturing drawings directly in a 3D environment. The benefits are countless, but mostly because of accuracy and efficiency. Early stage clash detection and better understanding of design parameters within the professional team are further contributing factors for this methodology.

The simulation and verification of a design are as important as the design itself. The performance parameters on an item and sub-item level are normally verified with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), to ensure it meets Client and engineering design requirements. 4D Simulation is used on project, area, sub-area and execution schedule levels, where we are able to simulate optimum construction strategies, visualise proposed method statements or differentiate between planned and actual construction schedules for arbitration purposes.

4D SCADA and Situational Awareness solutions are the most recent of our extended service offering. We realised that our capability to adapt and utilise parametric construction build data, specifications and Building Information Modelling (BIM), opens up a whole new dimension to better understand operational management. Our solution platform is quite flexible, where it allows management to access this information via desktop, next generation integrated control room or boardroom environments.

Our services can be broadly categorised (but not limited to) in the following areas: